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EECS Microsoft Dreamspark/e-Academy Site


Students who are eligible for Spring 2017 (EECS majors or enrolled in an EECS class)

can request access now by following the instructions below.


See below for instructions about requesting service on an existing Dreamspark account.




Students in EECS classes may download selected software applications for free via the Microsoft Dreamspark WEB site. This service is only available to students with current UC Berkeley Student ID numbers and CalNet ID logins.   This software is for use on home computers. The software is donated by Microsoft and your use is subject to conditions set by Microsoft.


Here is the procedure:

  1. Register:   Goto and select "Login using your Berkeley CalNet ID".  Authorize EECS Instruction to give your email address to Microsoft.
  2. Wait:   You will receive email from Microsoft on the following business day. It will contain instructions for accessing the software, including an account name and password for you to login to the Dreamspark WEB site.
  3. Download:   Go to the Dreamspark WEB site at and select "Software" to see what products are available via Dreamspark.   Logon there to download products.
  4. Re-register:   The user list is deleted at the end of each semester (May, August, December), so you have to re-register each semester.


Eligibility: This service is only for UC Berkeley students in EECS classes.


Note:   Microsoft Office products and Microsoft products for Apple computers are not free in Dreamspark.

The download process:

  1. When you start a download from Dreamspark, it copies a little program to your computer. You run the program to download and unpack the software.   The file name of this program looks like "Downloader for something.exe".    (If you get a file that does not have “.exe” on the end, then something probably went wrong with the download.  But you can try adding the “.exe” to the filename and clicking on the file to see if that fixes it.)
  2. The software image that it downloads will have a file name that ends in .iso when it is finished.   The .iso file can be copied to a CD using CD burner software on your computer.
  3. The initial, packed form of the image that is downloaded will have a file name that ends in .sdc.   If you end up with this file, then the download was probably interrupted and you will have to start again.
  4. If you are denied permission to download the software again after an error has occurred, please submit a trouble report as described in Dreamspark Support below.
  5. License keycodes are sent to you via email from "DreamSpark for UCB-EECS <>


Dreamspark Support:


·           See the MSDNAA Help page.

·           Use the Contact Us form to submit a request to the EECS Instructional Support Group ( “your Helpdesk or IT administrator”).  This form ensures that we get your identity and the product identity the way Dreamspark defines them.


EECS does not manage the keycode distribution or CD content; we just provide your email address to Microsoft and copy their downloadable CD images to our server.


other Microsoft sources for UCB:   For additional information about access to Microsoft software from UC Berkeley, please see